Install Talking Car kit in less than 15 minutes with 3 easy steps !


1. Install the speakers.

2. Pull the cables through to the amplifier.

3. Connect the amplifier to your iPhone or iPod ( or any other audio output).

     a. Pair your iPhone with the amplifier via optional Bluetooth Receiver Module  


We made the installation of our proprietary Talking Car™ 550 watt (!) amplifier and speakers so easy that you could do it yourself in less than an hour and without any special tools ! It consists of three easy steps. Typically, there is no drilling, punching or poking required for most of the cars on the market in order the get the hardware installed.

           1.Our water-resistant speakers (1,3 ) come with metallic brackets ( 6, 7 )  and turnkey clamps ( 12, 13) that are easily attached to almost any spot you can find available and safe under the hood of your car. Once speakers are safely mounted you can remove the plastic turn keys from the clamps and keep it in your toolbox. Don't worry about the water getting there, they are waterproof! Our speakers are compact yet very powerful. Most cars have plenty of space behind the grill to get them installed safely. For the best sound quality and maximum volume we recommend finding a spot behind the grill (with speakers facing the street) at the front of the radiator. You can achieve the best sound quality if the speakers are facing directly outwards and there are no barriers in front of them, except for the grill itself. Speakers are equipped with thin, yet durable cable with its lenght of 12 feet (3.6m). You can easily pass it through the side of the hood and pull it through the opening between the hood, the fender and the passenger door into your car’s compartment as it shows on the pictures below. Make sure to adjust and affix the cable with provided plastic tie-wraps (9) and adhesive tie mounts (10) so it is not jammed and/or stripped to avoid shorting of the cable.

           2.Now that you have your speakers installed, it’s time to get the Talking Car ™ amplifier installed. The safest and easiest place we recommend is under the dashboard on the passenger’s side. Some of you might want to install it under the passenger seat, depending on the car and how much room there is under the seat. The Talking Car™ amplifier is made so compact, and yet so powerful 550 Watt (non-RMS) that it is easy to install practically anywhere. It doesn’t get too hot but still make sure you don’t cover it under the mat and there is enough ventilation. You can attach it with velcro included in the kit (11).

          3.Now all you have to do is just plug the speakers’ and your iPhone/iPod Touch audio cable (4)- lentgh19 feet (5.8 m),  to the Talking Car™ amplifier (2) , plug in the power adapter (5) -lenght 7 feet (2 m) , run the Talking Car™ application and have some FUN !!! We recommend having a cellphone holder ( not included)  on a dashboard for easy access to the Talking Car ™ application and safe navigation on the road.

          3.a You can pair your iPhone or any other smart-phone with the Talking Car amplifier via the                   optional Bluetooth Receiver Module. 

          *PA function works only with hardwired amplifier.

You can find and print this information with pictures on the Download PDF link below on this page. Please refer to our FAQ section for additional questions you might have.

Should you have more technical questions/concerns please email us at:

Disclaimer: Talking Car LLC is not responsible for any damage you may cause to yourself, your vehicle or any involved party during installation and/ or while operating a vehicle. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, we recommend professional installation to avoid any damage to your vehicle and yourself you may cause. Any auto mechanic/audio installation shop can do it in less than an hour.



  • Talking Car System kit
  • Speakers and Amplifier size comparison.
  • Turn key Clamp for easy speaker installation
  • Metallic rail for easy speaker installation. Example shown on Lexus GS-300.
  • Example shown on Lexus GS300. Speaker within few minutes attached to the rail. No special tools required.
  • Front view. Talking Car waterproof speakers are installed behind the grill.
  • Another view of the installed speaker with adjustable turn key clamp.Installed in less then 10 minutes.Shown on Lexus GS300
  • View from the top: Speakers installation
  • View from the side: Speaker installation
  • Cable installation, under the hood. The actual cable comes in black color.
  • Cable installation, under the hood. The actual cable comes in black color.
  • Cable installation, under the hood.
  • Pulling the cable through the opening between the hood/frame and the passenger door.
  • Pulling the cable through the opening between the hood/frame and the passenger door.
  • Pulling the cable through the opening between the hood/frame and the passenger door.
  • Cable is completely invisable after it is pulled through the opening.
  • Another example of pulling the speaker cable through the opening between the hood/frame. Shown on Lexus GS300. Check for the same on your car.
  • Cable pulled through the side of the passenger door. The actual cable comes in black color.
  • Cable secured under the dashboard from the passenger side with adhesive cable mounts.
  • Connecting Speakers and Power Adaptor
  • Connecting audio cable. Make sure Filter is in OFF , and Volume is on Maximum positions.
  • Installing amplifier under the dashboard from passenger side with velcro for easy installation.
  • Amplifier installed and almost invisable.
  • Pluging the power adapter and audion cable to the amplifier.
  • Attaching cellphone holder to the dashboard for easy access and safe navigation on the road.
  • Completed installation
  • Connecting Bluetooth Receiver Module to the Talking Car amplifier and pairing with a smartphone.
  • Connecting Bluetooth Receiver Module directly to the Talking Car amplifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to download Talking Car application?

    Talking Car application can be downloaded through the link provided at the bottom of our virtual app/iPhone. It can also be downloaded through the App Store. Simply go to the App Store on your iPhone then search by "talking car" . You'll see the Talking Car icon in search results.

  • 2. Is Talking Car application available on Android platform?

    Talking Car for Android platform is coming soon ! Please register your email at the home page and we will inform you when it is available for download.

  • 3. Can I install Talking Car System on my car ?

    Most cars have plenty of space behind the grill ( under the hood) to install our waterproof speakers. Although they are pretty small ,yet powerful, please make sure you have enough room to fit them before you purchase the system. Check the frame of your car ( behind the grill )  to see if there are mounting options available. Most cars have holes throughout the front frame that will allow you to mount the speakers. If you are not sure how to do it, any mechanic/audio installation autoshop can do it for you in less than an hour.

  • 4. Does Talking Car kit come with an iPhone/Android Phone?

    No. You download the free TalkingCar application on your own iPhone and use the kit to connect to it. In certain situations we can supply you with an iPhone if you wish to purchase. 

  • 5. Do I need to drill any holes in my car to install Talking Car System ?

    Most likely not! We designed the system in a way so it'll be very easy to install in under an hour. The installation guide shows you how to pull the cables from the front of your car to the amplifier, located under the passenger side dashboard. There are no poking, punching or drilling needed in order to pull the cables through. Cables and the amplifier can be affixed with adhesive mounts, which are included in the package. There may be some variation with installing the speakers behind the grill , depending on the car. If you are not as handy as most of our car enthusiast fans, any auto shop can do it for you in less than an hour !

  • 6. Is playing Talking Car sounds legal ?

    Talking Car System doesn't substitute for your horn, but gives you more variety instead . Just like when honk your horn, you should use it responsibly. Keep in mind that in most states/ countries simulating emergency sirens is illegal. That's why we do not have any police, fire, ambulance sirens on our original application.

  • 7. I can't hear sounds when I push the buttons.

    It's very rare but if reseting your phone won't fix the problem , please delete and download the app again. It's free and will take only couple of minutes.

  • 8. I don't have a PayPal account, can I still purchase the System?

    Absolutely! If you do not have a PayPal account, just follow the steps in the shopping cart. Our world trusted PayPal integrated shopping cart accepts all major credit cards.  It is very easy and  will guide you through.

  • 9. Can I record my own sound effects and phrases ?

    Yes ! Press the image with "Microphone" on your app and press "Record". You can record anything for up to 5 seconds. When recording is done, you can name your new sound effect button. You can transfer your recorded sound effect file into the "Favorite category"  ( "Star" image) for easy access  by pressing and holding the newly created button.  It will give you three drop down options- Add to favorites,  Rename  and Delete.

  • 10. Can I transfer or delete sound files ?

    Yes! You can transfer your favorite sound effects into Favorite category (Star image) for easy access.  You can also delete any sound effects from your application. All you have to do is to press and hold the sound button and select the appropriate command from drop down menu – Add to favorites or Delete.

  • 11. What happens if I receive a phone call ?

    If you receive a phone call during the use of Talking Car application you can disconnect the cable (or unpair it if used wirelessly) from the amplifier  to avoid transmitting the phone conversation through the speakers outside of the car.

  • 12. I get audio feedback while using Public Announcer function.

    Depending on a distance from the front of the car, where speakers are installed and your cellphone , there may be some audio feedback, similar to what you might have seen/heard on stage with people using ordinary microphones during concerts. To avoid/reduce it you can lower the volume of your cell phone's speaker to a couple of "bars" . That usually eliminates the feedback.