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Don’t just own a Car… Own a Talking Car!

Ok, boys and girls, we are announcing a Funniest Talking Car video contest. The winner will get a FREE iPad2 or another Talking Car by his/her choice! 

Rules of the Video Contest

Rules are very simple:

1. Shoot a short video ( 30 sec max) while cruising around with your Talking Car. It is best if your friend captures the fun while you pay attention to the road.

2. Upload your video to YouTube and email us the Embed code. The Embed code can be easily found if you click "Share" at the bottom of your video. Then, on the left, there is "Embed" button. Click  to open the window , then copy and email us the code to

3. After we review, and if it is appropriate, we will post it on our website for our fans to enjoy.

Based on the number of "likes" the winner will get a FREE iPad 2 or a Talking Car by his/her choice.

Good luck boys and girls .... and have FUN !